Begin Comic at the Start 

In which you meet the main cast and a bunch of cats.

The Demon Kittens

In which Mallorie attempts to take a litter of feral kittens to her friend's home to be socialized. 

Fast Cars Date 

In which Mallorie goes on a date.

The Fall of Ford Shelter

In which Trudy and Mallorie try to save all the animals at Ford's Shelter and get it shut down.  

Gender Roles Date

In which Mallorie goes on another date. 

Unlucky Pennies

Which can't be explained without a whole lot of spoilers.

Introducing Abner 

In which we introduce a new feline protagonist and follow his adventures from birth to new home.  

Phone Date 

In which Mallorie really hits it off with a guy she met on a dating website. 

Craigslist Date

In which Mallorie meets somebody off of Craigslist to play chess. 

Kawaii Himawari 

In which there are a lot of kendo jokes and Mallorie makes a new friend. 

Chess "Date"

In which Mallorie tries to make some new friends. 

Verance Hill Shelter 

In which Mallorie starts volunteering at a new shelter and moves to a new apartment.

Third Date 

In which Mallorie goes on a particularly sleazy date. 

Chauncy the Squinter

In which Abner gets a new playmate: A semi-feral black brown tabby with attitude.

Out like a Warrior

In which Mallorie helps Himawari out with a family problem

Weasel Date

In which Mallorie goes out with a guy who is a different kind of animal fan. 

Sol and the Ferrets 

In which Mallorie helps a new friend get a new furry companion. 

Beautiful Dates

In which Mallorie discovers what beautiful is a euphemism for.

Sol's Party

In which Himawari and Mallorie go to a party at Sol's house.  

Guilt Date

In which Mallorie feels guilty for not wanting a second date. 

Mallorie's Island Vacation

In which Mallorie visits her brother in Maine for a week's vacation and hears the story of how he got his newest cats. 

Dumb Date

In which Mallorie takes a guy for a date in the woods. 

Shelter Interlude

A short arc that takes place in Verance Hill Shelter, featuring Rab Cat humor and chats about dating. 

Expensive Date

In which Mallorie goes out to a very fancy dinner.