Nemo and the Storm

In which Mallorie acquires a traumatized foster and is trapped in her apartment with a couple friends during a bad tropical storm.

Too Good to Be True

In which Mallorie thinks she's found the one.

Rosh Hashanah

In which Mallorie rings in the new year with friends who come from a variety of backgrounds. 

Monkey's Mischief

In which we get to know Mallorie's newest foster

Yom Kippor

In which Mallorie goes to a break fast party at Krazy Kit's house.

Myles' Story

An adaption of a blog post by Kate Gorman about her adventures trying to fly cross country with her cat.

Gender Date

In which Mallorie finds out city guys have very narrow views on gender roles.

Guest Strips

A week of random comics about cats.

Weasel Fun

In which Mal pays Sol a visit, discusses love, life and ferrets.


In which we have a Rab Cat strip, some filler strips, a 3 strip arc about Mallorie's encounter with thugs, Mallorie's attempts to learn how to juggle and her first visit to the famed Carmine juggling club.

Pick a Fight

A 3 strip interlude where Mallorie takes on some thugs.

Young Date

In which Mallorie goes out with an older man who feels he is young at heart.

The Return of Irving

Mallorie's third foster returns for a second shot at a forever home.

Foot Date

In Which Mallorie goes out with a fetishist.

Meet Lottie

In which Mallorie gets a new foster and her sister comes for a visit.

Hanging out with Ashley

Another visit to Carmine.

All About Ollie

In which the focus is on the tiny new foster.

Rab Cat's Origins

In which you find out how Rab Cat got to the shelter.

Gray Market Kitten

In which Ollie finds a home.

Rab Cat's Origins Take Two

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Horror for Cat Lovers

In which Mallorie and Lottie watch Aliens together.

Rab Cat's Origins Take Three

Rayal's Exit

In Which Lottie Takes an Unwilling Rayal Back to the Shelter


Rab Cat dreams...

Dinner Party

In Which Mallorie Has a Bunch of Friends Over for Dinner.


In Which Lottie Brings Home a New Foster, the cats get sick and Mallorie Tries to Baxter Him Adopted Quickly.


One off comic about everyone's faiths.

Playing with Fire

Rab Cat antics at their best.

Baxter's Adoption

I bet you can guess!


One off comic about everyone's jobs.

Hanging with Ashley

Three more strips about Ashley.


Abner's favorite foster.


In which Lottie and Mal do some shelter volunteering together and Mal runs out of food...

Dog Run

A quick glimpse into the life of Cheery

The Last Lottie Arc

In which Mallorie finds out shocking news about her foster Jackie.

Flash Forward

In which we take a trip to five years after the story takes place and see Abner all grown up, interacting with a border terrier.

The Kitty Hustle

In which Mal get's Jackie adopted and a whole lot of other cats too.

Rabsuke's Revenge

Rab Cat roams the streets.

Juggle This

3 more strips about juggling and Mallorie's interactions with Ashley.

My House

Rab Cat returns.