Tyrone the Insatiable

In which Mallorie gets a new foster who has strange tastes.

God Date

In which Mallorie goes out with an Indian fellow.

Ivan the Terrible

In which Mallorie and Mere visit their mutual friend Sam and go for a woods walk with his new dog Ivan.

Honka Honka

A Rab Cat interlude.

Instant Date

Malorie gives IM a try on dating sites.

Strategic Hoarking

Rab Cat finds a new way to drive the shelter workers mad.

Becoming Better Friends

Mallorie and Ashley deepen their friendship.

Feline Havoc

A couple strips about Trudy and her husband.

Rabid Advice

Rab Cat answers e-mail

Road Trip

Ashley and Mallorie head off to Maine.

Ancient Heritage

Rab Cat explores his Egyptian roots.

Frances the Hermaphrodite

Strips about the Epstein's most unique cat.


Rab Cat endeavors to be helpful.

Rough Play

How the Epsteins got Cap'n Evil.


A one off Abner comic about him acting like a dog.

Saving a Sato

How the Epsteins got their crazy husky dog.

In the Mind

A strip about a psychic reading Rab Cat's mind.

Crazy Family

Meet all of Mallorie's siblings and find out more about the family pets.

Anime Cats

Verance Hill's bold new strategy for getting black cats adopted.


In which they all go to Mallorie's uncle's house for Thanksgiving

The Summer of Kittens

The story of all the feral kittens that the Epstein kids found one summer.

Chasing Tail

Tim asks Rab Cat for dating advice


In which we see more snippets of the Epsteins Thanksgiving dinner.

Operation Ashley

Mallorie works on convincing Ashley that he needs a cat.


Ran Cat tells someone what to do about an annoying roommate.


We learn all about Nonnie's adjustments to life as a domestic dog.


Ran Cat messes with Tabitha.


Mallorie's next foster.

Unscreened Date

An especially boring date.

Ashley and Brown Mimi

Ashley's new cat.

Tom in Boots

Playing dress up with Rab Cat

IMing Buddies

Mallorie catches up with an old friend and makes a new one.


For once, Rab Cat and the shelter manager are on the same side.

Ashley Transformed

Meet the new and improved Ashley.

My Jerk

He may not be nice, but we love that Rab Cat!


Mallorie spends Chanukah with all her friends.

Chanukah Continued

Mallorie celebrates another night at Sol's house where ferret fun and board gaming ensue.


Ran Cat takes on the security camera

Chatting with Jon

A mini arc about Jon.


Tim celebrates his exam success with Rab Cat

The Cat Show

Mallorie helps Krazie Kit out with an adoption event at a cat show.